BEST DAY OF MY LIFE is a lifestyle t-shirt company for people who want to promote and create gratitude, positivity, and happiness in their lives and the lives of people around them. We hope to create a positive movement of individuals striving to make each day their best while being able to share that experience with others around them.

We are five "brothers" that started using the tagline "Best Day of My Life" when asked how our day was going. It started as a joke, but we all quickly found that these five powerful words not only positively affected the quality of our day, but also the people on the other end of the interaction. Anytime we wore our shirts (usually all of us matching at once) magical things started to happen. Strangers started approaching us to talk about the best day of their lives, not just prompted by the spectacle of five grown men dressed the same, but because of what the shirts inspire. This organic process motivated us to spread our message.